With winter come snow storms. Snow and ice present unsafe conditions for both vehicle and foot traffic alike. Our snow removal services are about creating a safe place to walk and drive. We provide snow removal services so you can safely continue to go about your daily life even in the midst of a winter storm.

We provide 24 hour, 7 day a week, full service snow removal in the greater Spokane area. Our service includes both snow plowing and snow blowing as well as deicing and sanding. We have the equipment and personnel to service everything from large commercial buildings and private roadways to driveways and sidewalks. We know it is important to clear snow quickly for businesses and homeowners alike. With our large fleet we develop routes with other properties in your area to allow for prompt service. Slip and fall accidents are painful and can be expensive, so we take our winter services seriously.

Snow Plowing

We provide snow plowing for commercial buildings, private roads and larger residential driveways. Oue experienced and considerate plow operators are ready to service your needs. Snow removal is a serious issue for people in our area and we are grateful to the customers who intrust their needs to us. We believe our customers can rest easy in the midst of winter knowing they can count on our reliable service.

Snow and Ice Management

Snow and ice management is for those who do not tolerate unsafe conditions in their parking lot or roads. In our snow and ice management we use a combination of plowing and deicing to ensure your parking lot is never unsafe. We use a proactive approach to deicing and plowing; we monitor temperatures, dew points, and future freeze risk in applying liquid deicer. If your goal is to have a bare and wet parking lot all winter long, we have the knowledge and systems in place to help.


Sanding roads and parking lots provide traction for safe travel. We spread a calcium based sand via our sanding truck. Sand is effective even in the coldest of weather. If vehicle traction is what you are after sanding can be your best option.


Ice is the most dangerous winter condition. Winter slip and falls as well as fender benders are often a product of icy conditions on the ground. Deicers are a very effective way of curbing the risk. We apply both liquid and granular deicer on everything from walkways to large commercial parking lots. When you intrust Greenscape with your deicing know we take it seriously and take a proactive approach to maintaining a safe area for you to do business. Pre-emptive liquid deicing applications prevents falling snow from forming ice underneath accumulated snow. Pre-emptive deicing is our best way of controlling icy conditions. Our years of experience and dedicated crew make our service one you can trust.