Our Story

I began mowing my neighbors’ lawns at age 12. And of course, at that age, my primary motivator was my desire to purchase baseball cards and candy. Then, in 1997, my friend Thomas Bechard and I started J&T’s Lawn Care. As 16 year olds, we began with our dads’ lawn mowers, a 1981 Chevy cargo van, and plenty of youthful ambition. Even then, we prided ourselves on honest hard work at a hard-to-beat price.

In 2004, Thomas sold his share of the company to me, and J&T’s became a family-owned business, run by my wife, Allison, and myself. Each season since, we have worked hard to improve our company by adding new services, bringing in new people, and constantly finding new and better ways serve our customers.

Our largest expansion to date was in 2015, when we purchased another locally-owned company called Greenscape Landscaping. Like J&T’s, Greenscape was founded in the 90’s by a local teenager, and concentrated on landscape construction. In late 2016, we decided to officially form one company under the Greenscape banner. We now have two divisions at Greenscape, Landscaping and Lawn Care Service. Our company is a now one-stop-shop, enabling our customers to create and maintain a beautiful and worry-free yard.

Greenscape has grown tremendously over the last 20 years and is licensed, bonded, and insured; serving hundreds of local Spokane residents and businesses. We love that we get to employ between 25 and 30 people each season, and we hope to keep serving Spokane residents for many years to come!

Jesse Sonneland, Owner

Employees & Hiring Values

We believe who we hire is one of the most important and serious tasks we have as a company. Our employees are the backbone to our success and we value them accordingly.

We believe in a team atmosphere, where our crews work together from top to bottom  to provide a service they can each be proud of. We create a positive and professional atmosphere, wanting to see every employee succeed and believe this culture is what makes Greenscape a great place to work.

Our company values integrity as our primary hiring value, and we teach our team that our work is a reflection of who we are as men and women.  Doing a job well is where we all find ultimate satisfaction. It is our goal that the attitude of our staff is friendly, professional, and always ready to serve our customers.

Our crews have years of experience and view the work we do as a craft to be developed continually. Many that have a passion for landscape find true joy in building and maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces. We do not hire employees as a disposable cogs; we hire people who love their work and want to serve to succeed.

All of our employees go through pre-employment drug testing and a background check.


We believe in treating others as we would want to be treated. Professionalism means handling our day to day operations, conflicts, and solutions with regard for the others around us. We believe this professionalism creates a trust between us and our customers that is invaluable. Greenscape’s staff and crews arrive in company trucks, company attire and are taught from the beginning to honor themselves and the work they do by honoring the customers they serve. We are not a fly-by-night or corner cutting operation. Our 20 years in business suggest we are in it for the long haul and value our reputation.


When it comes to our suppliers, we buy local. Most of our suppliers are locally owned business. We believe in reinvesting our resources back into the local community whenever possible. We buy from vendors who deliver top quality product, offer excellent customer service, and have developed relationship with Greenscape.  Our vendors include: Gibson’s Nursery, Auto Rain Supply, Whitkopf Landscape Supply, Action Material, Circle M Material, Aces Valley Power Tool, Spokane Power Tool, Basin Sod, Ray’s Turf, Wilbur Ellis, and Custom Salt Solutions.


Organic lawn care is a growing market. If you’re looking for a safe and responsible means to fertilizing your lawn, we have a program for you. Our organic lawn care program delivers tremendous results with minimal to no herbicide use. Organic fertilizers work by improving your soil’s physical characteristics, and making a better foundation for root growth, which will improve the overall condition and appearance of your lawn.  Our top of th line organic fertilizers provide a long lasting green and increases root growth.


Beautiful landscapes can be a wonderful, positive resource to the environment. They can provide a place for nature to thrive and improve air quality. Many of the products we use are sustainable. Our vendor partners are companies who grow plants and sod responsibility with regard to the environment around them.


We stand by the work we do.  We use top quality plants, sod, product, and  materials in all of our landscape work. Each of our landscape construction projects come with a one year warranty.  Our sprinkler winterizations are guaranteed against freeze damage the following spring (exclusions apply).