Spider bites can be painful, unsightly, and dangerous. And frankly, spiders and other crawling insects belong outside, rather than in your home.  The most common point of entry for these pest is where the foundation wall of your home and siding meet – the barrier we provide repels them away from this point of entry.  Our spray technicians can apply a product that is both a repellant and insecticide along the foundation wall of your home. The product we utilize has the same active ingredient as common flea treatments for dogs and cats and kills spiders and insects on contact. Spider barriers are safe for kids and pets, and an affordable solution to spider, ants, earwigs and other creepy crawling insects. Sleep better at night knowing your home has a defense against these pests.

Our 4 application perimeter spray program will protect your home from spiders and insects and keep them outside! Single Treatments are also available.

$58.95 per treatment for most homes when you sign up for a 4 step program. Additional structures are extra.


What are pesticides?

A pesticide is a product used to reduce or destroy pests. Pests are dangerous insects or animals that cause damage or harm to individuals, property, crops, and desirable plants. Pesticides are a valuable tool when used responsibly to help limit hazards in homes and yards.

The primary product we use is: TEMPO® ULTRA WP INSECTICIDE

EPA Registration No. 432-1304

How is it applied?

This product is sprayed on via hand spray pump onto the foundation wall of the home or building. We also treat inside windows as well, and anywhere we spot a nest.

What does it do?

Spider barrier applications create a line of protection for your home and family against unwanted spiders, ants, and other crawling insects. Our spiders barriers work in two ways: it kills on contact but also repel insects away.