Greenscape is your #1 choice for all of your Spokane Landscaping needs. We provide a full range of landscape construction options to satisfy each unique project. Whether it’s a newly constructed home, renovating an entire yard, or simply adding a feature, such as a patio or fireplace, to an already lovely space, Greenscape is here to help. We strive to create a quality, lasting product that enhances the home and exceeds the homeowner’s expectations.

All Spokane Landscaping projects start with an initial meeting to hear the goals of the homeowner. Then we create a customized plan based on these goals and the best way to implement the overall design approach. Each project is unique and the coordination of suppliers, contractors and materials is all handled by our professional team.

Fortunately, Greenscape Landscaping is a local company that works with other quality local businesses in bringing each aspect of the project together. While involvement by the homeowner is appreciated, we strive to make the process as stress-free as possible for you.

Landscaping can add increased enjoyment and utility for many homeowners. New Spokane landscaping projects may also increase the value of the home. So whether you are looking to enhance the curb appeal of your home for sale or are making changes to enjoy yourself for many years to come, we offer many fantastic options for adding beauty and functionality.

Landscape Design & Architecture

We take your thoughts and ideas, add our experience and expertise, and together we develop a plan to bring your ideas to life. If you would like to bring together a butterfly garden, xeriscape display, or a vegetable garden, a design can help bring these ideas to fruition both practically and aesthetically. A professional design helps construction move smoothly and efficiently by mapping out for the contractor your goals for the finished project.

Our landscape architect provides detailed plans on the construction of a landscape and its many parts.  The architect is professionally trained to understand both the practical applications as well as aesthetics, ensuring the plan can become a reality and the ideas in the design are brought to life.



Driveways and patios are often among the most visible features of a yard or landscape.  There are many options for styles and materials used in creating these features.  Pavers are a beautiful alternative to typical gray concrete. The artistic designs, color choices, and types of pavers allow for true customization of a patio, walkway, or driveway. Pavers also provide greater durability, longevity, and water management, simply making them the best option in many situations.

Fire Pits

Fire light can create a beautiful ambient atmosphere for relaxing or make a dramatic statement for a party. With a fire pit, you can choose styles and designs that will match your landscape and home, and provide an incredible symbol of power and nature right in your landscape.


Whether entwined with climbing plants or unadorned for bold contrast, pergolas work to add continuity, functionality, and beauty to a landscape. Pergolas come in many styles, sizes, and have multiple uses.  The materials can vary from rugged wood to modern polymers. They can add the practical ability of coverage and dimension, while also adding character to the surroundings.

Water Features

Water features are available in a great variety of shapes and sizes, which means they can be the primary attraction of any Spokane landscaping project, or simply add subtle elegance to an existing garden.  The sound of a peaceful waterfall, bubbling creek, or tranquil stream might be just the touch to creating the yard of your dreams.

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting provides opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in the evening. Lighting keeps the garden visually alive, adds style, and makes outdoor events more memorable. Lighting options are numerous and are customizable for each home. The incredible transformation of adding light brings a special quality to a landscape that you have to see to believe.

Outdoor Kitchen

Whether it’s cooking for a holiday event or having a family dinner, outdoor kitchens bring the cooking (and the cook) out to the event, rather than keeping them contained indoors. A kitchen may have a variety of appliances and gadgets, or a single range may be the focus. In either case, the outdoor kitchen makes the cooking of the meal part of the celebration, allowing you to fully enjoy each event.

Tree Installation

The northwest has beautiful native evergreen trees that provide robust color throughout the year. Deciduous varieties bring brilliant colors, fruits, and even unique shapes to your landscape. Trees provide long lasting beauty and benefit our environment.


Few aspects of a landscape are more beautiful than the plant life. With the thousands of beautiful shrubs, flowers, and grasses available in the Spokane area, your landscape can burst with new colors throughout the spring, summer, and fall with shrubs providing color and interest even in the heart of winter. Encourage nature watching with flowers that attract butterflies, hummingbirds, or honeybees; your landscape then becomes a benefit to wildlife as well as to you.

Retaining Walls

At times, the new vision for a Spokane landscaping project does not match the current slopes and curves of the existing areas.  In many cases, retaining walls can help restructure the original landscape and allow us to develop ideas that simply would not have previously worked.  Retaining walls also add interest and character to a landscape.

Garden Boxes

Garden boxes add definition and style to any planting area. Options in style and color of wood provide additional customization, allowing for truly tailored landscape features. Gardening can provide self-sustainability and make eating organic produce a possibility. You will know where your food comes from and what chemicals have been used. Imagine having access to fresh vegetables, herbs, and other produce right from your own backyard!

Raised Beds

Raised beds provide excellent areas for vegetable gardens and planting annuals for many Spokane Landscaping projects. The contrasts in elevation provide greater dimension to the landscape, highlighting the beauty of the flowers and vegetation. Constructing raised beds also allows new soil to be installed, providing premium growing conditions for the new plantings.


Fencing can be much more than a white picket fence in the front yard. Though that classic look may be the perfect fit, new technology in materials offer choices with greater durability and ease of maintenance. A fence can add privacy, safety, and beauty. From wood to vinyl to rustic cast iron, fencing can go beyond utility and become beautiful works of art.


Decks provide the perfect place for a hot tub, outdoor dining area, or that perfect relaxation spot. They are extensions of your home, and can be customized for your needs, to virtually any size, configuration, or budget.

Concrete Curbing

Concrete curbing is durable and contributes a popular, modern aspect to many landscape designs. This separation discourages grass from spreading into the garden beds, reducing maintenance for many Spokane landscaping projects.