We have experienced sprinkler repair technicians on staff who are ready to visit your site to get your system running at its best. Our knowledgeable staff and well-stocked parts truck make most repairs a snap. Turn over your sprinkler maintenance over to us and save yourself multiple trips to the hardware store. We can take care of simple tasks, like replace a sprinkler head or program a timer, as well as more complex projects to help you get the most out of your system. We use top-quality commercial grade parts purchased from Spokane area businesses.

Sprinkler systems are an important part of a well-designed landscape. Spokane’s dry summers make irrigation a must in order to keep our plants and lawns healthy and vibrate. A well thought out watering schedule is imperative to achieving the lawn and garden you desire. Dragging around a hose is a job we all could do without, and sprinkler systems make it possible.

As sprinkler system age, and landscapes grow, repairs and adjustments become necessary. Our cold weather season also makes it necessary to winterize and restart sprinklers in the spring.

Sprinkler services can be set up on a recurring basis, which includes scheduling for seasonal check-ups, blowouts, etc. Customers can also contact the office to set up an appointment with our technicians. Customers are typically given a two hour arrival window in which to expect the technician to arrive. Customers are billed to an account under their name and receive a monthly statement for any open charges on their account. 

Sprinkler / Irrigation Systems

Sprinkler systems offer the most effective method of providing adequate water to your lawn and landscape. They can be set to water on schedule or on demand. New sprinkler system technology allows you to save both water and money. Sprinkler system can now be programed with their own onboard weather station, which controls when your sprinklers run based on temperature, humidity, rain, or even forecasted rain.  A well-designed sprinkler system is crucial to getting the results you desire.

Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler systems need attention and maintenance to perform their best. Whether the lawn mower broke a sprinkler head, coverage is no longer adequate because of growing plants, a leak develops, your sprinklers will not shut off, the timer is a mystery to you, or you just want a watchful eye to review your system, we are ready to help with all your sprinkler repair needs. Our passion is to get your system running well so your landscape can thrive. We want to serve our customers by listening to their concerns and providing service with attention to detail. Our professional sprinkler repair technician will call when they are on their way and check in with you before they leave. We know it’s important to keep appointments and to not leave a job undone. Sprinkler repair technicians are trained to offer suggestions, and look out for the best interest of our customers. Average repairs typically only take an hour or two, and if the scope of the job increases, we will always take the time to stop and ask permission before continuing.

Sprinkler Blowout

Cold weather arrives in Spokane each fall, and with it freezing temperatures. Water left in your sprinkler system’s pipes expands with freezing, leading to potential damage. Damage can cost hundreds of dollars to repair in the spring, and also cause potential flooding. To avoid this, sprinkler systems should be blown out each fall to remove all the water from the sprinkler system. We begin our sprinkler winterizations in October. An average blowout is around $60-$70, a small price to pay to ensure your system is properly taken care of for the winter and ready when spring comes. Our sprinkler winterizations are guaranteed, so if we blow out your system, we repair any freeze damage sustained in the winter free of charge (exclusion apply).

Sprinkler Installation

Don’t have a sprinkler system? Dreaming of not dragging hoses around and a beautiful green lawn in the heat of summer? We design and install sprinkler systems! We believe a well-designed sprinkler system is the first step to success. Proper understanding of system design is what sets apart the best installers from everyone else. Understanding water volume and water pressure is critical to ensure proper performance. There are an increasing number of options available when it comes to conserving water in your landscape. Selecting the best sprinkler type and proper placement will save you water, money, and serious headaches down the road. An average sprinkler system can be installed in just a few days and you’ll be watering your lawn before you know it. We use top quality commercial products purchased from local companies and guarantee them for a year. Have us install a sprinkler system this year and we will winterize the system for free this fall!