J&T’s Lawn Care has been serving Spokane since 1997. We’ve grown from just a couple 16 year old kids mowing lawns on the south hill to become one of the region’s top landscaping and lawn care companies. We believe it has been our reliability and determination to serve our customers’ needs that has lead to our success. Over the years, we have evolved tremendously. For the past two years, J&T’s Lawn Care and Greenscape Landscaping have been partner companies operating under separate names. In 2017, we have decided to bring all of our services under one roof, Greenscape! We will still operate two divisions within the company, one focussed on landscape construction and the other on lawn care maintenance. However, Greenscape will be the one banner we operate under going forward.

We believe Greenscape represents a new commitment to excellence and service, and more accurately represents our company’s goals and vision for the future. Rest assured, we are still the same folks, offering the same services, with a focused mission on providing our best work yet.